Challenges and opportunities for service design in organisations shifting to agile

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To keep up with the ever faster rate of change in the world, more and more companies are adopting agile ways of working. For service designers working in organisations that are shifting in this direction, this presents opportunities, but also challenges. What is the role of service design in an agile organisation and how can it provide the most value? Which methods work well and which need to be adapted? And what tools and techniques can help facilitate collaboration and co-creation? During this interactive workshop, we will take an in-depth look at these emerging issues and opportunities. The presenters will share their own experiences, problems and solutions and attendees are invited to do the same, so we can jointly identify patterns, discuss solutions and learn from experiences.


With service design becoming increasingly part of the “business as usual” of organisations, it’s also becoming more important to integrate it with the practices of the rest of the business. An ongoing trend is a shift to more bottom-up and agile ways of working. This opens up great opportunities for designers, as it makes it easier to respond to customer insights, but it also presents new challenges. At Aegon, we started this shift over a year ago and have learned a lot along the way. We’ll share our experiences and solutions and:
* How we combine traditional methods with iterative working
* How we approached the transition (traditional & agile working side by side)
* How we direct insights to teams that need them, using dashboards etc. to encourage serendipity
* What we haven’t solved yet









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Michel Jansen
Aegon & cXstudio

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Esther van der Hoorn
Aegon & cXstudio

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