Death, denial and debt.

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Why services need Closure Experiences.


We are good at creating service experiences at the beginning of the customer life-cycle, but terrible at creating a coherent, neutralised endings. This presentation argues that we have lost touch with ‘closure’ over recent generations and are in a state of denial. The argument is established through historic changes in society, evidence from academia, and our changing relationship with death. Further examples go into details from product, service and digital sectors as well as our wider society. The presentation delves into the design industry with a focus on services and what closure means in this context. It offers an alternative point of view, that embeds closure in the customer lifecycle and shows how it can bring wide reaching benefits for the entire user experience.


The services industry is awash with bad endings. • A surprising amount of old people are getting their first tattoo. Fearful someone will bring them back to life.
• 1 in 4 UK pensions are going missing according to the charity, Age Concern. Lost in decades of mis-management, letters, mergers and acquisitions.
• How big a party should £84k get you? After repaying £284k on a £200k mortgage, I might expect a bit more than a cold letter to say thanks? This is a wide cultural problem. Impacting the consumer and businesses in the service industry. Revealed in issues such as mis-selling of financial services, climate change, and erosion of personal reputations online. Closure Experiences is a critical factor in improving responsibility, thinking long term and increasing quality.









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Closure Experiences

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