Esther van der Hoorn

admin Dutch Chapter, Organizer

Customer Experience Manager, Aegon

Esther is an enthousiastic professional customer experience manager; creative thinker and doer. With innovative methods she sets out a strategy and remains on track to realise the goal of the team. For Aegon she visualizes the brand promise and customer strategy with customer journeys. In addition she develops workshops and training voor customer focused working, she invented the “extreme makeover” for clear customer communication and is responsible for a redesigned Welcoming program for new employees.
In 2012 she started working with service design as a new way of creating the best services for the customer. For the SDGC16 her goal is to show that service design in the Netherlands is a way of working that is stimulating, inspiring and practical in every way.
Esther has a keen eye on everybody who works in her environment and she stimulates getting the best out of people. But most importantly: working with Esther is true fun.