Finding the New Business As Usual

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SEB, one of Sweden’s largest banks and Transformator Design collaborate with the mission to make SEB a true customer centric organisation. Since we began working together three years ago, several successful service improvements have made, the management aware of the potential of service design as a key success factor. This led to a closer collaboration in customer centric service and business development, capacity buildning and governance. The presentation is about how SEB are making progress by using service design methods for services as well as organisational developement.The message is the common insight that SEB is not trying to work in an unusual way, it is SEB finding their new business as usual, by involving customers and employees in a structured way.


The innovative parts of our proposal addresses the fact that becoming customer centric for real isn’t a quick fix. True customer insights, courage and endurance are key success factors, in changing mindset and building new capacity of the organisation. It is about SEB finding out that service design is not a method, but an approach to a new way of thinking, acting and working. It is also about finding out that new capabilities have to be encouraged and new ways of working have to be established. Service design provides the tools for all this. The design methods are used both when developing services and when changning mindsets in a continuous way of working in close collaboration.




October 28th




11:35 am

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Josefin Eklund

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