From dinosaur suits to digital dolphins

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How to Redesigning Innovation dynamics with service design and lean startup


Innovation methods like service design and lean startup can be used to enhance innovation culture and capabilities. With the human centeredness of service design and the efficiency of lean both effectiveness and efficiency can be improved. Innovation processes are hampered by diffidence, hierarchies, lack of trust and the fear of making mistakes. Instead, service design celebrates co-creation, prototyping, trust in others and optimism. In our approach, we help teams make a gentle transition to embrace this ‘new’ innovation context in a guided, hands on approach. To prevent the demotivating loss of innovation potential we then introduce lean tools so they can quickly implement. We aim to show how service design and lean as a whole can together drive culture change and innovation efforts.


If a company does not want to become a dinosaur fossil in order to survive, it needs to make a step towards becoming a Digital Dolphin- a clever, agile, curious & playful team player. The potential synergy of service design and lean startup can help to lead the process of digitalization and support not only the survival but the lead in business. This potential has so far been neglected. So why not support businesses to make a great leap forward in becoming a digital dolphin? In our workshops we help companies to sensitize their employees for the right mindset and pre-pare them for the human-centered way of working and build the necessary capabilities. We rely on a casual, honest & trust-based relationship where we take away the fear to point out pain points.









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Nihan Altug
University of St. Gallen

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