From intervening to listening

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Stories from Applying Service Design in Rural Indonesia


Throughout my stint in the development sector, I have seen social intervention programs and policy making designed with little or no involvement of the local community. The success of a program feels more like a hit and miss rather than based on a thorough understanding of the local context. The talk will deliberate on how service designer’s sensibilities can shift the way development work is undertaken, especially in developing nations. I argue that development work needs a shift, from focusing on designing social interventions to a community enablement strategy. From one that is focusing on problem to one that seeks to tap unseen opportunities. From intervening to listening, and ultimately, to show how service design can bring development work closer to the people it seeks to benefit.


Development work in developing countries needs fixing. Period. Service Design mindset offers a way for development projects to be better linked to the life context of its beneficiaries, yet the application of service design for public sector is still far more prevalent in a more developed nations.. The talk offers stories on how a group of people passionate about service design navigates around the complexity of applying service design in a developing world context. It will hopefully trigger a discussion on how service design – just like in the developed world – can be a better tool to understand local nuances, so it can demonstrate its relevance in the wicked world of developing nations.









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Kautsar Anggakara
Pulse Lab Jakarta

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