From Service Design to Service Transformation

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The best customer and service experiences donʼt depend on great journey maps or blueprints: they depend on great organizations. Designers, policymakers, executives and others who want to transform service delivery need to consider more than simply service design tools – they need to consider the architecture of the organization that delivers the service. The Service Architecture Framework provides a clear approach to align service delivery from the front-end experience through to the foundations of the organization (policy, infrastructure, culture, and more).
Real transformation takes hold when we close the gaps between strategy, design, and delivery. Service Architecture brings teams together to create organizations that consistently deliver service experiences that make a difference.


Service Design has a set of canonical tools such as journeys, blueprints, and prototypes. However, we have fewer tools to help the business transform itself in order to deliver the better experiences that we design. We often feel that clearly outlining a better experience will rally the organization to change – however, this is the exception rather than the rule. We need tools for designers, executives, and operations to understand each other and to catalyze the change demanded by new service innovations – to move deeper into the decision DNA of the organization and transform not only how it delivers service, but how it sees itself and the world. Service architecture offers an additional tool for designers to spark this transformation in the organizations where they work.









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