Henk van der Steen

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Henk van der Steen is co-founder of Troje, a company that is all around improvisation in the 21st century. Improvisation as a first choice, instead of the second best option, when things don’t go according to plan (that’s the 20th Century definition!). Everyday we work on the improvement of improvisation skills of people, teams and organisations. Because if you know how to improvise better, and if you allow yourself and the people around you to improvise, you will become more agile, resilient and connected to the world around you. And that’s exactly what you need in the 21st Century!
We’re fulltime improvisers in every part that we play, every day. We design and facilitate highly interactive programs around change, creativity and innovation. We deliver workshops and interactive keynotes around Improvisation in the 21st Century. And –off course- we also improvise on stage (Henk is a member of an international improvisationtheatre ensemble).
Henk is an energetic discoverer and a generous finder, curious ‘how it’s made’. Always looking for the best question and an exciting answer. He is also a dad, a husband, a runner and a former HR-consultant.
Oh, and he is (co)-author of several books, such as: ‘Werk in Uitvoering, over Improviseren op de werkvloer’, the first Dutch book about Applied Improvisation in the workplace.



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Service Prototyping Using Improv Techniques

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