Ines Rüthrich

admin Organizer, SDN

Global Events Project Manager, SDN

Ines is the global events project manager at SDN. After working in Australia, the Netherlands and New Zealand, she joined the Service Design Network headquarter in Cologne. Ines’ passion centers on balancing consumer and organizational needs to deliver compelling design visions that can be implemented and brought to market.

She has worked across a broad range of categories but is particularly passionate about the social innovation sector focused on delivering more holistic user-centered services. In addition, Ines is passionate about helping clients enter new categories and stretch their capabilities to deliver new offerings.

By improving the SDN services through analyzing, creating and optimizing the holistic service process, Ines supports SDN events in 15 countries and organizes national and global conferences in collaboration. Ines holds a BA degree in Integrated Design from the Köln International School of Design (KISD). When not involved in service design projects she travels.