Jantine Geldof

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Jantine is a content designer and consultant, and joined Informaat in 2008. With a background in comparative literature, she started out as a web editor, but quickly learned new skills and moved on to work as a content designer, requirements analyst and business consultant for several departments of the Dutch national government, and some large financial institutions.
She always focuses on structuring and creating content that enhances customer experience. She also is an advocate for sustainable content, and puts this into practice by means of solid documentation and devising and giving trainings to the people of the organizations she works for. Together with two colleagues, she laid the foundations for the Content Journeys Masterclass.
Jantine has a particular interest in storytelling, on and off the job. In her spare time she enjoys creating songs together with the other half of the music duo she’s part of, and spending time with her two daughters.



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Content Journeys
Learn how to apply content strategy to customer journeys, enriching one of the best-known service design deliverables with critically important new layers.

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