Karen Detken

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Karen works as Strategic Design Consultant in the Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) at SAP SE, where she applies user-centered and design thinking methodologies to bring customers closer to their goals and the real needs of their end-users. She has worked for different companies in Europe and Latin America as visual, interaction and multimedia designer, collecting design experiences and insights across cultures and industries.

Karen believes that design is not about the products or services we can create, but about the lasting changes that the appropriate methodologies and processes can produce in people and their organizations. Therefore, she enjoys designing methods that facilitate understanding and illuminate every step of the design journey. She is the creator of the storyboarding toolkit and method called “Scenes”, released by the SAP Design and Co-Innovation Center, where she leads this project.

Karen holds a M.Sc. degree in Digital Media, a B.A. in Multimedia Animation and a B.A. in Journalism.



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