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Successful designs live in the real world of business, organizational politics, and executives who approve your budget. Designers donʼt just need more methods to create solutions or work with users. We need better methods to work with business. That starts with understanding the language of business — we need to learn to speak CEO. This workshop will teach a simple business fluency framework to explain the value of design using the language of business. From the myths and realities of ROI to the importance of stance and status, youʼll learn key tools for getting business leaders to listen and understand. Learning to speak CEO isn’t just about vocabulary or business concepts — you’ll also learn to use business fluency to underst and the culture where decisions get made, and design gets done.


Not everyone can get an MBA (or needs one). But everyone who wants their designs to be successful and contribute at a strategic level needs to understand the fundamentals of business. Developing business fluency for designers relies on the skills that they already have to learn the needs, language, and culture of users – only this time, the users are the leaders and executives inside the organization. When designers develop conceptual and cultural business fluency they are much better prepared to both understand and to shape strategy and transformation.









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Jess McMullin
Situ Strategy

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