Conor Maguire

admin Speaker

IM Mobile Programme Lead, TFL

I’m a well-travelled Canadian with a sense of adventure that has led me from deep sea fishing in the Pacific to cycling over the Himalayan Mountains from Pakistan into China. I have my mother’s talent for making connections with others and the friendships I formed on my travels have grown into a global community. It’s a community that continues to create exciting opportunities, support me through its collective knowledge and make life fun!

My career has been as varied as my travels, working with everything from start-ups and growing ventures to established companies like Marks & Spencer and News International – all of which were focused on bringing about change. What really puts a smile on my face is working with a team to realise real benefits through delivering new and innovative solutions. And I thrive in growth oriented environments.

I get a kick out of forcing myself out of my comfort zone and readily tackle things others shy away from: give me a problem and I’ll sort it. My talent with people means they accept and support the direction I set. By helping people understand what good looks like, they actively want to deliver it. Sometimes that means having difficult conversations but my natural ability to pick up a vibe and behave in a genuine and honest way means people quickly learn ‘I am who I am’ socan trust me.

My latest adventure is using my experience of emerging technologies to lead a team in building something great, taking businesses to the next level.



Mobilising the TfL workforce