Hazel White

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Director, Open Change

Hazel is Director of Open Change, a service design agency based in Scotland. Clients include government agencies and healthcare providers, working on projects from pensions to the care and management of diabetes. She delivers training in Service Design to a range of organisations from senior local government staff to 120 Queen’s Young Leaders across the Commonwealth through the University of Cambridge.

Hazel recently published research with Dr Joyce Yee on the Value of Design in Public and Third Sector programmes and set up and ran one of the first Service Design masters programmes at the University of Dundee.

»The demand for service design in the public sector is so great that we must train public sector workers as service designers. The public sector in the UK can’t afford to send their staff on one or two year masters courses. Building workforce communities with capacity to design services – putting the users at the heart – will move us forward faster.«Hazel White

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Build service design capacity in your organisation.

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Building Capacity for Service Design in the Public Sector– can everyone be a Service Designer?