Tim Malbon

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Co-Founder, Made by Many

Tim Malbon is a founding partner of Made by Many – a digital product innovation and strategy company based in London and New York. Made by Many serves leading global companies, startups, non-governmental organsiations and not-for-profits. We help our clients identify market opportunities, bring great products and services to life, create the capabilities to sustain them and transform their businesses.

Tim joined the Internet in 1998 and founded Made by Many in 2007. He’s a Webby’s judge and the UK Ambassador for the Webby Awards, an executive member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and an advisory board member at Boulder Digital Works in Colorado.

»This is a pivotal moment for anyone working in Service and Digital Product Design. It’s not clear that we’re properly equipped to help clients move beyond incremental gains and navigate a world transitioning rapidly from business using technology to one that is 100% software-driven. I’m really looking forward to discussing this with other practitioners.«Tim Malbon

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Don’t believe the hype – especially your own.

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