Toby Norman

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CEO, SimPrints

Toby Norman is the CEO of Simprints, a nonprofit tech startup backed by USAID, DFID, and the Gates Foundation to develop low-cost mobile biometric scanners to improve patient identification in developing countries. A Round IV Saving Lives at Birth Winner and Business Weekly’s 2015 Startup of the year, Simprints develops hardware and open-source software that integrates safe, simple identification into existing mobile tools. The goal is to radically disrupt the inaccurate way we currently track and deliver progress towards the SDGs, and instead build a world where every person—not guesswork—actually counts in the fight against poverty.

Toby holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge on a Gates Scholarship and BA from Harvard. He has worked for nearly a decade with doctors and healthcare workers across Africa, Asia, and Central America on initiatives to improve healthcare delivery through technology. In 2016 he was listed among the Forbes Europe 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs.

»This is a pivotal moment for anyone working in Service and Digital Product Design. It’s not clear that we’re properly equipped to help clients move beyond incremental gains and navigate a world transitioning rapidly from business using technology to one that is 100% software-driven. I’m really looking forward to discussing this with other practitioners.«Toby Norman

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