Making in-house service design the new standard

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7 Learnings to get there!


How to become the most customer centric bank in the Netherlands? To meet that challenge Rabobank has moved to service design in-house, underlining our vision that customer experience is vital to achieve competitive advantage. The journey has been both challenging and rewarding. We’ve learned a lot along the way: such as the fruitfulness of structural collaboration between service designers and customer journey managers to drive the change towards customer centricity. In this session, Paul Mutsaers (Customer Journey Manager) and Anna-Louisa Peeters (Service Designer) will share Rabobank’s 7 key learnings in their journey towards a successful service design practice that is embedded in this major financial institution.


One aspect that really sets us apart in how we work is that we link every service designer to a customer journey manager, who is the project sponsor. They operate as a mutually reinforcing duo in improving customer experience, ranging from small adjustments to large innovations. The designer provides research, creative facilitation and design expertise, and the customer journey manager ensures that all relevant stakeholders are involved from start to finish. This unique collaboration has proven to be very successful, for example to create support for the service design project results within our large organization and ensuring the designs get realized. This is certainly interesting for other companies to experiment with.









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