Mapping the Academic Opportunities and Challenges of Service Design

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Is the Academic Context Changing Rapidly Enough?

Reflecting on academic papers such as “Service Research Priorities in a Rapidly Changing Context” by A. Ostrom, A. Parasuraman, D. E. Bowen, L. Patricio, and C. A. Voss (2015), this session invites participants to reflect on the current challenges service design is facing and which contributions a service design perspective can offer to the academic service research landscape. The workshop aims for participants to discuss and produce discourse elements on how the effect of a service design approach on the academic service research environment can be encouraged and supported by the SDN community. As an example of such an effort, the interdisciplinary Marie Curie project sponsored by the EU, the “Service Design for Innovation Network” in short SDIN, is presented throughout the session. Briefly, an overview of the relation between academic education in service design and SDIN is given, highlighting the academic opportunities and challenges that service design can fuel.


  • Research priorities as outlined by Ostrom et al. (2015) in “Service Research Priorities in a Rapidly Changing Context”
  • Opportunities and challenges faced by the “Service Design for Innovation Network – SDIN”
  • Contributions service design academia is realizing with regard to the research priorities
  • The main obstacles and difficulties service design academia is facing that restrict further contributions to the research priorities.


  • A concept map of the gaps between the current contributions, the potential contributions and the difficulties faced by service design researchers.
  • A time frame including an outline of a group of volunteers to compile the session’s discussions and produce a paper documenting the main insights.


Academia Panel


October 27th




02:30 pm

Speaker Info

Mauricio Manhaes
Savannah College of Art and Design

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Anna-Sophie Oertzen
Service Design for Innovation Network (SDIN)

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Jürgen Tanghe
TU Delft

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Birgit Mager
Professor for Service Design, KISD
President of Global Service Design Network

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