Mark Westbeek

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Mark is a content designer working for Informaat, a Dutch experience design agency. His current focus is on designing, creating and managing user-friendly content that helps users to accomplish their goals. Besides that, Mark finds great satisfaction in teaching and coaching clients to create and manage user-friendly content themselves.
In his former life Mark was a newspaper journalist. During that career he learned to write (and deliver against tight deadlines!) in a way that both catches the reader’s attention and conveys a message in a concise manner. Over the years Mark has acquired significaant experience with content management in different kinds of organizations, across multiple domains. He prefers to work in agile settings and loves applying new techniques such as content journeys to tackle content challenges early on in the innovation process.
At the moment Mark is working on an assignment with a Dutch HR software company, modeling and designing content for a next-generation HR management tool using ‘natural language’ across six languages.



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Content Journeys
Learn how to apply content strategy to customer journeys, enriching one of the best-known service design deliverables with critically important new layers.

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