Martin Dowson

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Head of Service Design, Lloyds Banking Group

I studied HCI & Psychology at Uni & joined Accenture as a grad at dot-com peak. I started as a UCD consultant, honing my craft through 100s of hours of primary research with customers. I melded my experience designing interfaces for human beings with my understanding of what was driving the business & ended up doing service design before I even knew it was a thing. I’ve worked at all levels from the CEO of Virgin Media, the strategists, designers and off-shore coders of Barclays Bank, to coaching CX Directors of many major orgs. I co-founded Comotion a strategy/agency hybrid in creating human-centred business. My role now is to embed Service Design as a capability within LBG where I will be training more than 200 people, coaching critical SD projects, developing thought leadership & engagement programmes.


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