#SDGC16 Masterclasses

This year the Service Design Network offers a series of Service Design Masterclasses as pre-events to the Service Design Global Conference during the morning of 26th of October 2016 at Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Classes are offered by renowned studios such as STBY, Livework and Informaat.
Please note that the Masterclasses are additional events, not included in or connected to the regular #SDGC16 programme.

Masterclass Pricing

The masterclass tickets are available for €330 each.

Introduction to Service Design for Business

Content Journeys

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This masterclass is a practical guide to make use of service design strategically in your organization. It is designed for business leaders who are interested in adopting service design to tackle a business challenge, and need support to understand how to go about it.
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Customers expect today’s services to provide a continuous experience across channels and touchpoints. Content plays a crucial role in accomplishing this goal. It needs to be consistent no matter what channel it is conveyed in. Content strategy helps to achieve …
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