Introduction to Service Design for Business

This masterclass is a practical guide to make use of service design strategically in your organization. It is designed for business leaders who are interested in adopting service design to tackle a business challenge, and need support to understand how to go about it.

We will therefore explore the following

  • When investing in service design makes sense;
  • What impact it creates for your customers, business, and organization compared to more traditional approaches;
  • How you can start using service design in your organization by learning how to effectively engage peers, your team, or boss in this process.

You will leave the masterclass with

  • A service design value map for your organization that underlines the value service design can bring to your customers, business, and organization;
  • An understanding of how service design ready your organization is and what kind of projects you can realistically aspire to run;
  • A service design project plan for your company.

The livework team, through the analysis of a recent case study, will alternate between brief introductions to theory and practical group and individual exercises. A representative of the client organization used as case study will join the session, in order to uncover real benefits, success factors and challenges in practice. If you can’t attend the full conference, this workshop will provide you with the essence of service design for business in a few hours.


Erik Roscam Abbing

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Over the last 15 years Livework has pioneered service design, making a difference for more than 150 global organizations and their customers. Livework merges creativity, design, research and consultancy to help organizations deliver a great customer experience and achieve tangible business results. In 2016 Livework’s partners published their second book Service Design for Business, a practical guide to use service design strategically in organizations. (Website)


The Masterclass will take place on 26 October, from 09:00-13:00 at Rode Hoed in Amsterdam.