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Microfinance Service Design in Jordan


Our brief for Jordan’s National Microfinance Bank was to design a service that saved clients the time and expense of going to a bank branch to repay loans each month. However, in traveling across Jordan to speak with bank clients, we found that WHERE they repaid was not as important as HOW they repaid. Clients wanted to repay in smaller installments, similar to how many filled up their hassalah (Jordan’s version of the “piggy bank”) each day—at their own pace. With our client on stage, we will present how we set up a “pop-up studio” in Amman, built a local team, made our client fall in love with service design, and prototyped a service that will radically improve life and save time and money for the bank’s 60,000 clients across Jordan while setting a new standard for repaying microloans.


We innovated both in service design and process. Though “micro” to those in developed nations, for many both the size of monthly microloan repayments and the cost of traveling to the branch to make those payments are massive. By decoding users’ existing financial behaviors, our service solves both long-standing challenges. Deep contextual immersion was key to our process. We rented a floor of a house in the heart of Amman, making it a “pop-up studio” filled with our data and surrounded by local life rather than isolated in a big hotel. We chose interview incentives using foods from local shops. During our service rehearsal we involved the client as a key actor (trading his suit for a casual outfit to play the role of a local merchant) in our realistic enactment of the future offering.




October 27th




12:20 pm

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Stefano Bianchini

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Felipe Cabezas
Product Development Consultant, NMB

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