#SDGC16 Members Day Programme

Members Day

At Rode Hoed

01:30 pm

On-Site Check-In
Exclusive #SDGC16 Pre-Registration for SDN members

02:00 pm

 Birgit Mager
The Service Design Network – Achievements 2016

02:30 pm

»Design Thinking and Service Design Doing« – Touchpoint Editors Panel
Jesse Grimes, Arne van Oosterom, Jürgen Tanghe, Adam Lawrence, Kerry Bodine
Touchpoint will be realeased at the conference

03:00 pm

 Jamin Hegeman // Capital One
Service Design in house from design point of view

03:30 pm

Coffee Break // 30 Minutes

04:00 pm

»Not the Usual (Service Design) Suspects«
 Ron Kersic // ING Bank
The Designful Enterprise

04:30 pm

 Cat Drew
From Experimentation to Value Creation

05:00 pm

 Mike Press // University of Dundee
 Introducing the Impact Report

05:30 pm

Service Design in the Public Sector
– Launch of Impact Report
SDN members will exclusively receive copies

Members Reception

06:00 pm–08:30 pm

Join and meet the Service Design Network