Moving Targets

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Agile collaboration with large interdisciplinary teams


Over the past years STBY and Google have collaborated on a series of projects focused on finding answers to progressive sets of questions from internal teams of designers and developers working on new service propositions. This string of projects generated a repository of research assets that delivered long term value for the team and the wider organisation. All of this happened in a fast moving, agile context with a dynamic product strategy development, which challenged the design research team to effectively cater for a moving target. This continued strand of work has led us to jointly identify a few principles about agile collaboration with interdisciplinary teams in large organisations, that we would like to share in this presentation.


Key to this innovative approach is finding the right balance between the ongoing need for quick iterative cycles of design research efforts, during which data collection, analysis and reporting happen in joint sprints, and the parallel need to build up more long term value by documenting research activities in a structured way across the stages and projects in order to generate a ‘treasure trove’ of design research assets. In this way design research contributes to a larger strategic value for large organisations than by just being a research resource in reactive mode.









Speaker Info

Geke van Dijk
Co-Founder and Strategy Director, STBY London/Amsterdam

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