Rethinking Service Design

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How internal teams and external consultants are transforming partnership and practice to deliver greater strategic value


As Service Designers, we are being asked to take on increasingly complex projects, which often include broader engagement across departments and functions and increased executive-level visibility within large organizations.
Internal teams are asking themselves:
How can we build and keep momentum on larger projects with longer time horizons that require multi-team buy-in? How do we demonstrate service design’s strategic value to senior leadership? How do we build our internal service design capabilities?
External consultants are wondering:
How do we best collaborate with internal teams to stay relevant? How do the tools of our practice need to change to manage organization-wide initiatives? This talk will reference the ongoing collaboration between consultants at Bridgeable and TELUS.


The practice of Service Design is evolving. We are being asked to think beyond discrete service-level projects and to apply service design across entire organizations. Bridgeable and TELUS have been collaborating for over a year on multiple projects that touch a growing number of departments and functions. This broad engagement has necessitated the evolution of tools and methods, such as co-creation, touchpoint mapping and input/output metrics. We will share the specific evolution in our methods as well as the broader implications for partnership between internal/external partners.









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Judy Mellett
Director, Service Design, Innovation and Strategy

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Chris Ferguson
CEO Bridgeable

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