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Using tangible examples I’ll illustrate how the holistic and iterative nature of service design is a great fit for agile development in digital service development. As companies are moving from release cycles to continuous development, this cyclical way of working lends itself very well for an ongoing focus on the omni-channel experience rather than the more classic serial approach of research, journey mapping, design and delivery. I’ll discuss how service design is maturing from a more analytical ‘up-front’ role to an ongoing and integral role for managing the end-to-end customer experience in agile service development. Using visual examples of deliverable and proces I am hoping to add a practical and successful realisation case to the conference.


In this PostNL case (won the Dutch Interactive Award in ‘Service’) we’ve developed a model for how service design techniques are best applied in a cyclic agile development setup following principles of ‘lean startup’. This includes familiar examples of journey maps, service blueprints, etc.. but now with a focus on how that is used to inform agile development on an ongoing basis. Secondly I’ll cover a model for end-user involvement throughout the design proces and even the valuable role of service design after launch of the service when focus is often shifting from experience design to design optimisation, adding continuous qualitative customer feedback to quantitative analytics. There is a crucial role for service design to ensure optimisation and newly emerging needs are both covered within an agile setup.




28th October




11:15 am

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Harald Lamberts
Essense – Service Design

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