Our aim is to be market leader across all financial markets in the Netherlands. We are also committed to being a leading bank in the field of food and agri worldwide.

Our customers are at the heart of our existence. We are here first and foremost to help them achieve their ambitions. That’s why we seek to realize effective customer contacts and solid long-term relationships by offering suitable products and services. Our Service Design team helps to create the best possible experiences for our customers. We bring the customer’s voice into business challenges and help to create feasible design solutions.

Over the last 15 years Livework has pioneered service design, making a difference for more than 150 global organizations and their customers. Livework merges creativity, design, research and consultancy to help organizations deliver a great customer experience and achieve tangible business results. In 2016 Livework’s partners published their second book Service Design for Business, a practical guide to use service design strategically in organizations. (Website)

Human-to-human business
Hellon is a service design consultancy based in Helsinki and London. We help organizations thrive in the service economy by supporting them in developing customer centricity and a customer-centric culture. Our award-winning works push the boundaries of customer experience development, backed up by solid academic understanding and thorough research. We are result-oriented, aiming to create maximum impact for our clients. We do all this with a human touch.

Informaat is a design consultancy that supports organizations in the development and implementation of their digital strategies. We focus not only on designing excellent user experiences – we also support organizations on the path towards CX excellence. Our clients typically engage us in one of three ways:
‘Full service’: We plan and deliver UX and CX design projects from start to finish.
‘Joint UX/CX teams’: We carry out projects in which our expert professionals work side-by-side with existing in-house designers.
‘Ad hoc staffing and consultancy’: In cases where an established in-house team is responsible for UX/CX, we add strategic and tactical expertise where necessary.

We are a leading service design agency based in Amsterdam, working internationally for renowned organisations in various industries such as health, finance, mobility and government. We believe in combining the power of business, design and innovation to change our world for the better.
Constantly challenging the way we work, we’ve developed an extensive set of skills and tools, to help organisations reach their full potential: As a consultancy we design meaningful services people love to use. Together we create maximum value for both customer and organisation through iterations and prototypes.
As an academy we help to build a more agile organisation and train employees to become customer champions.

Tesla Amazing is a fast-growing international team that debuted the Magnetic family on Kickstarter in March 2015, raising $240,000 from 6,000 backers. The team has since expanded its reach to include more than 50 distributors in 28 different countries and counting.
Magnetic is a family of products based on a unique patented technology called statically charged polypropylene film. The surface of Magnetic brings together all the best qualities that paper can offer and takes them one step further. The result is a surface that is pleasant to the touch, that makes your handwriting more beautiful than ever, and that eliminates the need for all the thumb tacks, tape, glue, and buttons you traditionally use to stick paper to walls. Now note-taking is as simple as it should be in the 21st century. Magnetic is much more environmentally friendly than traditional sticky products, since it is not made of paper (it is made of polypropylene film, a synthetic resin that is 100% recyclable and does not involve killing any trees), and it has no glue. Quality is our top priority, and as such we have developed strict quality standards that leave no room for compromise. Magnetic is wholly produced in Europe from European raw materials and with European machin- ery that was specially manufactured for our product. Magnetic can stick to almost any surface, including wood, plastic, glass, paper, metal, bricks, cork, leather, fabric, etc.
For it’s unique features and for the team’s support commitments Magnetic is loved by many thousands of creative people all around the world.

ExperienceFellow offers hands-on software for service designers. Research tool ExperienceFellow combines browser-based software with a free smartphone app to support your ethnographic exploration projects. Partner product Smaply helps you to quickly visualize Customer Journey Maps, Stakeholder Maps, and Personas to create highly professional deliverables. Based in Innsbruck/Austria, our agile startup team is deeply embracing service design methods.