The Humanized Organization

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Learning from Arts to bring back Soul into the Business


As Service Designers we are dedicated to push organizations forward, often far away from their comfort zone to truly unveil the power of creativity and artistic interventions. Just as organizational change, culture and the arts can also be deeply penetrating and transformational, often shaping relations and bonding communities. Through the art field, businesses can find ways to bring in emotions & soul both in the service delivery and in their business operation. The session is for anyone that feel that businesses are streamlined, data driven and far from the human reality and is driven to explore the mechanisms in humanized organizations by using artistic methods.


The session will focus on Space & Atmosphere. The space we are in affects us and how we think. Our daily work environment is a space where we spend a lot of time and the environment dents our thoughts and results. Through the workshop we will reframe how physical space, creativity and innovation are connected by using methods from the arts to feed into a framework for creative intelligence. We will use artistic intervention to find ways to activate the soul of the business to create opportunities for organizations to be truly human and establish valuable relationships.




October 27th




11:40 am

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Jenny Fossum

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Karin Lycke

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