The smart Factory as a Service Ecosystem

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As machines and processes evolve, the role of factories is rapidly changing. Industry 4.0 is forcing companies to re-think current strategies, partnerships and business models for new players and scenarios. But, as we’ve seen in countries like Germany with a strong engineering background, “smart manufacturing” is not so simple. To enable the digitization of production processes, the factory needs to be seen as a service ecosystem. Looking through service design glasses, we gain a new perspective on production and, instead of cutting people out of industry 4.0., we see shifting roles and new forms of collaboration. Johannes will discuss the role of service design in an industrial setting, giving concrete examples of how companies move towards digital transformation.


This is a new field of application for service design. We’re taking service design out of the consumer area and into a new industrial context. I will explain how service design methods can be used for production to be seen in a new perspective, and the lessons learned when putting these into practice with clients. For instance, the importance of strategic partnerships and organizational transformation.




October 28th




10:05 am

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Johannes Landstorfer

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