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Building your Internal Design Academy


How do you get a company the size of a UK Bank to embed Service Design? I would like to take the audience through how large-scale, traditional, legacy bound organisations are evolving their view on what design is, how to adopt design-led approaches at scale and the implications of this on both what Agencies offer clients and how clients engage agencies. I will use examples from the work I’ve done on building internal service design capability within two large UK banks, what worked and what I’d do differently now I’ve tried. Design is not only being democratised, it is being industrialised and crucially how professionals in agency and client side need to respond to this.


A simple but powerful mapping of the Double Diamond to levels of strategic and tactical thinking in an organisation that opens up the conversation about Design from Board Member to Scrum Master…




28th October




11:15 am

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Martin Dowson
Lloyds Banking Group

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